Tutorial: Logging on to WordPress

Logging on to a blog

Logging on to WordPress Type in the blog name, followed by a forward slash and then type 'wp-admin'. So on this blog I would type in - blog basics.com/wp-admin The WordPress login form will be displayed. Enter your username and password. Remember Me Box DO: If the computer you're working on is safe then click 'Remember Me'.  You will then be automatically logged in whenever you are using this computer. DON'T: If MORE +

Tutorial: Installing WordPress using Fantastico

If you took my advice and your hosting company offers Fantastico then installing WordPress is extremely easy. Just follow these instructions. 1 - Login to cPanel On most websites you would type in the domain name, followed by a forward slash which is followed by the word cpanel.  So on this site you would type -- blogbasics.com/cpanel. You would enter the domain's username and password. Click 'Log In' button and a MORE +

Five reasons why bloggers must use a cPanel Hosting Company

Fantastico Goodies

OK let's get a bit geeky: the vast majority of companies that host WordPress use LAMP technology, (see below). But don't panic -- as a blogging beginner you do not need to know very much. 1 - cPanel is the market leader It is the market leader by far. Most LINUX based hosting businesses, big and small, use cPanel to allow their customers to control their websites. 2 -- cPane has a host of features cPane allows the MORE +

Ten reasons why bloggers MUST use WordPress

WordPress is the leading blogging software. It has gained popularity because it was free, was well-designed and had a very active bunch of volunteers helping develop the package. Rapidly it has become the most popular blogging package on the Internet. This has led to tens of thousands of developers producing thousands of plug-ins and themes, enhancing the package and the look of blogs in general. Below are 10 reasons MORE +