Why You Should Consider Guest Posting In Your Blogging Plan

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Overview One of the challenges faced by bloggers is updating their blog frequently. Most people do not have time for this, but it is what readers want. Visitors love a website that always has new information for them. One of the best ways to keep a consistent posting pace is by MORE +

Tutorial: The Seven Steps of Setting Up a Personal Blog


Step 1: Free Blog or Your Own Domain Your first decision as a blogger is to decide whether you are going to use a free blogging service or set up and manage your own domain. Free services The advantages of the free services are: no cost, very quick to start, very little MORE +

Tutorial: Developing a Blog Strategy: Your Target Audience

Celebrating the start of your new blog

Overview: There are three essential questions you should ask before starting a blog. Four if you want to earn a living from your blog. What am I going to blog about? Who do I want to read my blog? Why will they read my blog?   The fourth question is for those MORE +

Tutorial: What is a favicon and why you should have one?

favicons attract the user

What is a favicon? Favicon is a shortened form of 'favourites icon'. It can also be known as a page icon or an urlicon.  Favicons are very small images which are linked to a particular website or webpage. Favicons are usually placed in the root folder of a website and MORE +