3 Simple (And Free) Marketing Tactics That Can Grow Your Traffic & Sales

The people who want to sell you marketing services want you to believe that marketing is a complicated thing. They want you to believe that it takes special knowledge and experience to be able to market something effectively.

While there is some truth to this idea, the one thing you need to know is that there are some very simple and free tactics for marketing your product. While any marketing strategy eventually needs to have some investment, the following three tactics have been proven to be effective and won’t cost you a dime.

Web MarketingFacebook

It might seem weird to consider Facebook a marketing tactic, but that is exactly what it is. Facebook has driven the success of more businesses than any other website aside from Google search. When properly utilized, Facebook can be a phenomenal marketing tactic that will generate not only increased website traffic but also higher rates of customer conversion.

While some people may dismiss Facebook as being too crowded, the truth is that it can still be used quite effectively. The best part about using Facebook is that it is free. This means you have one of the most powerful marketing tools on the internet without having to spend a dime.


While there is some evidence to support the idea that Twitter traffic isn’t worth a whole lot, the truth is that it can still generate income. While you do have to be a bit more careful about how you go about getting traffic from Twitter, it is still one of the best free social media sites out there.

When it comes to using Twitter as a marketing tactic, the main idea is that you are really looking for specific Twitter users instead of using a shotgun style approach, so try to be a bit more specific. By keeping your results a bit more targeted you really can still make Twitter and effective part of any marketing strategy.


It isn’t really news that blogs still remain one of the most effective marketing tools on the internet. Blogs allow you to reach out to your customer base in a number of ways. This reaching out creates a feeling of community and it is this community that will eventually generate you income.

While Blogger is a very crowded place there is no question that it is a powerful tool for you to use. The best part about Blogger is that not only is it free but it’s easy to use. While Word Press may give you a bit more versatility in how to design blog posts, you have to pay for a site to host your blog – if you don’t use WordPress.com.

In the end, the above three websites are tactics in and of themselves. Each one does take a bit of special understanding, but once this information is mastered, all three can yield some very impressive results. You don’t have to spend money to effectively market a website, you just have to know where to go and how to use the tools that are out there.

Karen Wise has written many articles on how to start a website, how to build traffic, and how to use social media for an ever expanding online empire. Her articles are found on many websites and publications.

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    These marketing tactics are very effective if done correctly. I’ve used Twitter and Facebook a lot and I am happy that I am able to utilize efficiently their features.

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    These 3 marketing tactics are good sources of traffic. Social signals also help your site rank well with SERPs. Blogger is a very promising platform and I have seen a lot of Blogger Blogs ranking high in SERPs. Well, the reason is obvious.

    Thanks for the post Kenneth.

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