Blog Content Strategy: How to Consistently Create Awesome Blog Content

blog contentSuccessful blogs tend to have one major thing in common: they’re updated frequently and with awesome content. After all, how can you keep the animals happy without tossing them a few peanuts?

That said, if you’re already in the blogging business, you know that updating – and updating regularly – is easier said than done. Life gets in the way. Your “real” job may demand your time. Or maybe you just aren’t inspired often enough to generate the kind of content you need.

How, then, can you maintain a steady stream of quality posts? Create a blog content strategy. Here are five tips to keep your updates fresh and frequent.

5: Keep Every Idea You Have

Never throw anything away, even if it’s just a rough draft or half-formed dream floating around in your head. Document everything – ideas, titles, drafts, edits – and then, if you can’t use them right away, store them somewhere for safekeeping. If you don’t already, you should have a repository where you keep all your unfinished ideas and partially-written posts.

This is absolutely key in a good blog content strategy: having something worth writing about in the first place.

4: Embrace Ideas As They Come

Great posts rarely come from the brain fully formed. Instead, they’re built into greatness in steps. First comes an idea, then maybe a title or opening sentence, then you slave away to knock out the actual content. Sound familiar? If you’re nodding your head yes, then why do you so often find yourself sitting in front of a blank screen and waiting for something to happen?

Embrace your ideas as they come. They don’t have to be perfect. They don’t even have to something you feel like writing right now! The save button was created so you can write things down and then come back to them later. Even if it’s something as small as an image or a joke, it can be expanded and brainstormed on a different day.

3: Write Several Articles At A Time

Writing should be a passion, not a duty. If you’ve turned your updates into a chore (“must publish one a day!”) then you’re just asking for failure.

A better blog content strategy is to write several articles at a time when you’re already in the zone. When you’re having a burst of creativity, when all your ideas are coming together and taking form, that’s the time you want to milk your productivity for all it’s worth. Remember, you don’t have to publish all your articles all at once. You can write several and only use them as needed.

On that note…

2: Spin Ideas Off Each Other

A good way to create content is to build on what you already have. For example, the Ten Best Movies of 2012 could also make good articles on the Ten Best Comedies of the Decade or the Ten Worst Performances Ever Inflicted On A Paying Audience. The more you spin off one subject, the more unique and independent the ideas will come from the original source.

1: Ration Your Articles

This is one of the most important aspects of blog content strategy, and it ties all of the previous tips together. Don’t just know what to publish, know when to publish it! Never give up too much at once. You want your posts to be celebrated and discussed, and that can’t happen if you’re updating with content so fast your audience doesn’t have time to process it. It’s also important to avoid dumping a bunch of articles on your blog at one time, especially if you’ve followed tip #2 and they’re all similar ideas.

In short, the idea is to always leave them wanting more.

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  1. says

    haha I liked the opening of this post.. but it’s really true, a blog needs to be frequently updated. & it will help Google index your blog fast. I’ve found that creating a blogging schedule really helps a lot & keeps me focus on other blogging tasks as well.

    & I totally agree that writing should become a passion not a duty.. this is a great tip! You really shared some great insight here & I would also like to repeat what you just said… “the idea is to always leave them wanting more.” Period!

  2. says

    I am already keeping running documents of things I write about but I think I need to add in carrying around a notebook as well. since ideas do come from everywhere not just sitting at the computer. plus I am adding to that by attending blogger conferences there are so many of them around.

    • says

      Shelly – Thanks for the comment. Keeping a notebook is a good idea. I typically use my iPhone now as my notebook. When I think of a new blog post, I simply record it on the iPhone.


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