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The Ever Expanding Comment Show

Wow.  I’ve just turned an 85 word comment, (see below), on the very inspirational blog, Blog Tyrant, into a 1,700+ word post, Forums: Techncially very Helpful.

Alternatively I could have easily turned the long into around five smaller posts. I will, however rewrite sections of the long post and use them in free article directories. I will also use a summarised version of the post as a guest post on someone else’s blog. (I believe in recycling and promotion).

I enjoy reading the comments on blogs and I enjoy joining into the conversation. I try and write something useful and helpful, (it’s my helpful, supportive, further education lecturer instinct coming to the fore).

Boring Mechanical Comments

I avoid writing the ‘Great post Humphrey’ style of comment writing with the hey – that’s one more crappy backlink to my blog.  This mechanical technique of writing twenty or thirty comments a night is soul destroying, boring and I don’t see it being that effective.

Far better to be helpful, creative and do something useful.  It will make you happier and you will benefit from being helpful.  Instead of the quick posts write five, well thought out longer  posts.

What is really useful is commenting on other comments making suggestions. clarifying points or starting a discussion.  Do this and  you will be loved by the blog owner.

You’re too smart to spell it out – but I will, (you never know whose listening:

  • I recomend your don’t write anything negative, (but you can disagree as part of a discussion)
  • you don’t insult any comentator, (even if what they are saying is completely stupid
  • and life’s too short to worry about someone insulting you, (it’s their problem not yours – unless you’re on something like a political blog)
  • and don’t go against the spirit of the blog

Your longer comments have the following advantages:

  • they will be read rather than skipped over
  • they will lead to more visitors to your site
  • then owner of the blog will become aware of you, (guest posts, joint projects and other useful contacts)(Look at my third comment – Blog Tyant – one of my blogging heroes has responded.  Shows he’s on the ball and it shows why he’s a success).
  • you are demonstrating that you are professional.

I find comments inspiring

I am a reactive writer.  I like to respond to emails, queries and cries for help – I’m inspired.  I see something and I’m inspired.

So when I’m doing my necessary reading of other blogs in the niche and  I see a comment that interests me I respond – enthisiastically.

Then I think   through the comments I’ve made and hey – I an do something with that. I expand the comment a little and then I’m finding I have to clarify this, which means I need to explain that – and before I know where I am – well I’ve got 1,700+ words.

The part of the Blog Tyrant post comment that sparked my post

“certainly the worst part, at least for me, is the tech part. Sometimes you are really inspired writing about a great topic and suddenly you see something is not working: the server, the WP upgrade, a plugin,etc. I am particularly “obsessed” with security. I’ve hear many horror stories.”

My comment

Your concerns can actually help you promote your blog.

Look for technical support forums and join. Obviously make sure there they allow a link back to your website. Daniweb, an independent support site, is generally quite helpful.

One word of warning don’t spell out you have a security problem as there is a slight possibility you’ll alert a hacker.

State your problem or concerns clearly and generally people will help you. Though some forums, WordPress is noted for it, are a bit rude to people asking for something obvious and could have been found in a simple search.

Where you have a specific problem on a specific page then post the link. You’ll be surprised how many people will love to show you how to solve it.

Another good thing is for you to help solve the problems of newcomers. The techie people will note this and will be more supportive of you when you have a problem.

And not only are you being nice but, as most technical sites have a high page rank, you are developing some high quality back links to boost your own site.


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Image: Flickr @sarchi

Over to You

Well come on now let’s have some interesting comments – I will be grateful.

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    I’m not sure I can come up with an interesting comment…I just want to say thanks for including The Adventurous Writer in your Links section! Ironically, the link is to one of my blog posts about making good comments on blog posts…..looks like I need to start reading my blog 😉

  2. says

    what struct me the most is your comment on Blog Tyrant post comment. Funny thing is that you wrote that long but with a great content. I admire your writing.

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