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How to Make a Popular Blog: The Definitive Guide

How to Make a Popular Blog

If time were equal to money, every blogger today would be bankrupt. The truth is, regardless if you are new to blogging, a seasoned veteran, or the king of your niche, each day you simply have more things that need to be done with your blog than you have time to MORE +

Finally An Article On How to Really Pick a Domain Name

domain names

When it comes to choosing a domain name, it is surprising how many people think that you need to be witty. Instead, you must view your domain name as having a very specific reason for existing and you need to think about it like it is a tool. If you have a piece of wood and MORE +

Blogging Strategy: How to Develop a Blog Strategy

blogging strategy

Do you have a clear blogging strategy? Today your blog is doing exceptionally well. It may even be exceeding your initial expectations! You have great content, you have frequent guest bloggers, your podcast episodes are a huge hit, and you’re even generating a little income MORE +

Write like Freddy

Danny Iny is also known as the “Freddy Krueger of Blogging”. He started Firepole Marketing and has always had a love for blogs. One day he posted on Copyblogger and it generated over 200 comments, over 900 tweets, and a large amount of traffic back to his website. He posted to MORE +

31 Days to Build a Better Blog

31 days to build a better blog

The preeminent resource for successful bloggers, 31 Days to Build a Better Blog by Darren Rowse with ProBlogger is a must-have for beginner bloggers who have just begun their blogging journey and need information on how to build their blogs. Expert bloggers can benefit from MORE +