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In 2010 it was estimated, by Netcraft, that there were 255 million websites in the world, each with its own domain name. This is quite a lot of text, images, videos and animations running around the wired world. Bear in mind though that each one of these sites is in its own way competing with the rest for users to read it content.

It is also reckoned that there are around 6.8 billion users of the net, which is just under a third of the world’s population. In North America and Europe the percentage of users is high, however, the rise of countries, such as China and India, mean that this number will increase dramatically. Both these countries have a high percentage of English speakers.

These sites range from the small, with one or a few pages web sites; to the very large content sites, such as the BBC; large commercial sites, such as the Microsoft websites, with tens of thousands of support pages; or, which hosts over 340,000 individual blogs, with several million pages of blog posts.

The Audience’s Choice

As the figures show there is a lot of competing websites chasing a massive audience. Nobody knows how many web pages there are but there are estimates of between 27 billion and a trillion, (a thousand billion). It we ignore potential computer generated pages, that is pages that could be generated, but may never be seen by humans, then the estimate of the writer, Stooge, on Hubpages of around 48 billion is probably a reasonable estimate.

What this shows is that there are a lot of web pages competing for the attention of the person browsing. This web user has a multitude of choices and pathways to follow. He or she may use a search engine to find a range of sites or they may follow a website they trust, such as a blog or news site, to find interesting links.

Your Job

With billions of actual users, with an almost infinite range of interests, the main job of you, the writer, is to make the sites you are working on are attractive to relevant users, who are interested in the topics you are writing about.

Your job is to understand your targeted readers and understand what is their expectations of your site. Understand your audience, work hard at satisfying their requirements and you will become a good, professional writer.


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Over to You

What sort of interests do you have on the net?

What sort of things do you want to write about?

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