Email Marketing Strategies for Beginning Bloggers

Email Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing StrategiesIf you have not starting building an e-mail list you have already missed the boat. When you have a blog and want to take it to the next level you need to embrace email marketing. Some experts would even advise you that you should pack it up and forget your dreams.

Seriously, without an email list it probably is time to just give in, give up and head home. It’s all right to cut your losses if you don’t have a clue about the benefits and advantages of email lists. I’m kidding about you giving up (of course), but the truth is you need to start an email list today.

For those of you that have already compiled an email list for your business, your next step is to find out what you need to do in order to effectively use your list(s).I am going to show you some tips and ideas about 21st century marketing tactics that involve emails. Ready? Let’s begin…1. Give ’em something. Freebies are perhaps the best way to close the deal and get people to opt in for your email list. Many people have chosen to give away an e-book because you can quickly put together a quality opt-in bribe using private label rights (PLR) content, which is usually very inexpensive. You can also rev up the interest for your potential customers by making the giveaway a little more exciting. Offering them videos or recorded seminars are an example.2. Make your newsletter button an invitation for readers to subscribe to your offer (a real call to action). A button that just asks someone to “submit” information does not create the same “call to action” as one that is labeled “subscribe” or “download now”.

3. Using default forms is not a good idea for opt-in forms. Instead of trusting these silly forms to attract subscribers you should create an opt-in design that will optimize those conversions for site. Make sure that the overall appearance of the form is inviting, user-friendly and visually appealing.

4. Think you have to place the opt-in on a sidebar? Think again. Explore some other possible places to invite viewers to join your email list. Try placing the option on your homepage, underneath your articles or at on other pages that your reader’s frequently view on your site.

5. Never label your message as a “newsletter”. This is a term that is passe. Even worse it automatically makes your message boring and turns people off.

6. Time for the test. It is really important to test what you design. Don’t be afraid to try out some different ideas. Experiment with words, colors and phrasing. Check to see which ideas are best at increasing your number of new subscribers. If you watch for the trends and exploit the right ones the opt-in rate will go through the roof. Remember that an idea that someone else is promoting because it works for them does not mean the same idea will work for you.

7. Single style opt-ins are okay, mainly because they can help you keep the readers who are not clicking on a confirmation. If you are using the single option for your opt-in formula for your free listings you are also going to be holding on to spam emails, the non-responding addresses and other assorted bull-crap. A double opt-in design can be more helpful.

8.Tweak the page you use to thank the subscribers for confirming their addresses. A good “thank you” will go a long way toward building your customer base. The better pages really do boost your bottom line after the customers have subscribed. Make sure that you are tracking your email confirmation rate on a regular basis.

9. Optimizepress and similar “squeeze page” designs are your “go to” idea when you want to bring more people to your online blog. You need a minimum of 1 squeeze page even if you do use opt-ins. Be sure to include one of these squeeze pages to target each email list that is being constructed from an opt-in form. If you have a reference to the email list create a squeeze page link because these pages consistently producer higher opt-in percentages than standard opt-ins that are included in blog sidebars. This strategy never fails.

10. Create a reason why readers should click on your blog. Make it personal and issue a sincere invitation to those on your main list. Do not use your email list as a direct broadcast for your blog postings. Anyone who is determined to ignore this advice should at least send the broadcast posts to addresses on a different list.

11. Both the headline and subject line of all emails should be given equal importance. You can use the more successful blog headline formulas with your email. These formulas have proven to be quite good when it comes to enticing readers/subscribers to open the email they receive.

12. Treat your subscribers as your friends. Chill out and relax, but keep the information personal and entertaining. Send the type of information you would want to read. Build a solid online community and create a situation where these people want to hear what you have to say next.

13. No matter what you are sending to your subscribers (blog postings, promotions, affiliate info) make sure that you include something for them to click onto. This builds a list of people who expect to click onto your suggestions. Remember Pavlov’s dogs? Similar principle.

Give your subscribers value for their actions. No email should be sent unless it offers something. This is how you create fruitful interactions that pay dividends both ways. Of course there needs to be a bold “call to action”. An affiliate link or even some of your own products can be used as part of your call to action plan. This means that the reader needs to respond in order to find out what the rest of the story really is. Do not squander these money-making opportunities. If you play your cards right the subscribers are going to be eager to follow your lead.

14. Too few emails means that your hot customer list can become bitterly cold in a very short period of time. I send emails to my subscribers at least 3 times each week which is pretty much right on target. Too many emails will over-saturate the market. Personally, I feel that many bloggers do not send enough emails in a week’s time.

15.Don’t send lengthy emails-shorter is better. Too many words and your people are going to trash the message because of time constraints. The best option is a short, concise message and a click-able link. You may have a few exceptions from time to time, but this should be your rule of thumb.

16. Pass on the URL and use anchor text for the links instead. Make sure the words in your anchor text are interesting enough to get the attention of your readers. Think about how you word the subject line and headlines.

17. For easier reading on mobile devices use a plain-text format to line wrap your email messages.

18. HTML is perfect for those plain-text email messages. This makes the email look just like text and you can keep track of the messages that are being opened.

19. When you send a message be sure that you link to the click-able portion more than one time. In my emails I link twice (or more) to the specific information that I want the readers to click.

20. Schedule the sequence for your autoresponder. When you schedule the sequence you will not be sending duplicates of those 1 time email messages. With Aweber you can set the days that you will be controlling the flow and which ones are being answered automatically by the autoresponder. This will keep conflicting emails out of the picture.

21. Simple email marketing formula. Tantalizing post-interesting headline and intriguing subject line. This formula will make it possible for you to drive your subscriber list the right way. Use your email to issue an invitation to your loyal subscribers and make it compelling for them to comment on your blog.

Okay. We are just about done for the day. You should have discovered at least a few good tips that you want to try. For anyone who still does not have an email list to work with I would urge you to sign up for Aweber to help you jump-start your marketing strategy. Aweber is the A-game in this type of marketing business. There is a good reason that it’s so popular. It is only $1 to try Aweber and you can use this trial period to find out how the company can help you build your customer base. Use that same period of time to begin trying out more of my email marketing tips. This is the perfect way to develop and refine your marketing strategies for sending emails to subscribers. Test it out now. This is one of the smartest moves that you could possibly choose.

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    Totally agree with number 15, it makes an amazing difference having a short precise email that gets to the point. My belief is it is becoming very relevant as more and more people are checking the email whilst on the move with their mobile phones.

    • says

      Yep, Stuart. I literally subscribe to hundreds of email lists. Lately, I find myself only reading a few of the really good ones. There really is an art to getting people to stay interested in what you have to say.


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