Examples of Blogs

blogging examples


This is just a random sample of blogs – there are millions out there in all different shapes and sizes.  A good place to start is Technorati, a directory of blogs. Search and then come back and tell us of the good ones and the bad ones.

Niche Blogs

Internet Business Mastery: A great blog that teaches personal bloggers how to turn their blogs into an internet businesses.

Personal blogs

Curl Centric: Dedicated to providing healthy hair care information.

Best Survival Knife Dude: Provides an introduction to survival knives, articles, and product reviews.

Dog Diapers Hut: Niche blog with articles and product reviews on dog diapers, incontinence and potty training.


Boarding Area:  A collection of bloggers on travel.  Range from personal stories to specific advice on airlines, hotels and places.

Vivi’s Random Ramblings: A nice collection of random posts mostly demonstrating that Violy is a well-travelled, excellent photographer.

Why go network of blogs: Another group of travel bloggers.  Each blogger has their own patch, which range from Portland, which looks a nice city, to Iceland and France.


Techcrunch:  This is the one to learn all about technology and in particular technology business, technology start-ups and gadgets.  You’ll usually hear the techie gossip here first.

Speckyboy.com: Great blog on the design of websites.  Good on lists, (usually 50) of well researched examples of good or unusual design.  Gives even the least technical good ideas to discuss with their own designers.

On Blogging

Traffic Generation Cafe: Ana Hoffman’s very friendly, very knowledgeable blog on building traffic for your blog.

Problogger: Probably the ultimate ‘how to blog’ and ‘how to make money blogging’ web site. Darren Rowse makes it look easy, but behind the scenes he works hard.

Over to you

What blogs do you like?  Are you writing a blog?  Then tell us about it.

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