How Your Site Statistics Can Ruin Your Blog

Site StatisticsSite statistics – they are a blogger’s best friend and simultaneously their worst enemy.

Site stats show a blogger how many people have cruised over to their website on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. They are a definitive mark in blogging popularity. And they have the power to completely ruin a blogger.

Here’s why playing the numbers game in blogging, especially as a beginning blogger, is a dangerous path to take:

  1. Numbers only tell one side of a story – Let’s say that a normal day has you pulling in 250 page views, but suddenly today your views have spiked upwards of 500. This is it. The moment you’ve been waiting for. Right? Maybe. But maybe not. It could be that for whatever reason that you received a spike in search engine traffic, or it could be that someone went through and read every single post you’ve ever written. Daily page views only tell you one thing: how many times someone has read your blog for the day, not how many unique visitors have read unique posts on your site for the day.
  2. Bloggers can end up forgoing quality content to get high page views – Far too often bloggers will start focusing on increasing traffic numbers and then shift to only worrying about that. Quality content takes a backseat to keywords, obtaining backlinks, and figuring out the perfect formula for successful SEO. The problem with this is that quality content is what is going to steadily increase your readership and keep people coming back. So while SEO and keywords are important, they aren’t as important as having a site that is full of integrity.
  3. Low numbers can be discouraging – There are plenty of sites out there that can guesstimate the number of daily page views popular bloggers have, and stacking your own blog against theirs can be intimidating and discouraging. Coming across blogs that have thousands of page views a day compared to yours can make you want to close the door on blogging altogether. However those bloggers didn’t start off having thousands of page views a day, they started off just like you and worked their way up.

So, while tracking site statistics is an important aspect of blogging, it isn’t the only one.

Don’t let yourself become obsessed with checking your site statistics day in and day out and end up measuring your overall worth on the numbers. Instead focus on providing quality content and learning how to best market your blog. The rest will come naturally.

About the Author: This article was contributed by Debra Johnson, blogger and editor of nanny housekeeper as a guest post.

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