I Want To Write a Blog, But I Don’t Know What to Write


As some famous person once said the worse type of businessman is someone that aims low and still misses.  Worst still is the blogger who vaguely knows the target is over there someone and then makes a half hearted attempt at hitting it – if they knew what it is or what it looks like.

There are five types of new blogger

  • those who know what they want to write
  • those that are writing to promote their business
  • those that are writing to promote a cause or raise an issue.
  • those that want to write a blog, but don’t know what to write
  • and people like me  who like to write, but are unfocused.

This article looks at the problem of many bloggers – I want to write – but I’ve no idea what to write.  Help me?

Categorise your thoughts

If you haven’t got a clue what to write on you blog then the first stage is decide on a category, or two, or many.

Techniques you can use  to find a category

  • Go and surf: You need a pen and pad.  Spend a couple of hours surfing and just note down the areas that you are interested in.  These are likely topics you be interested in.
  • Think about the people you’d like to network with: then decide which categories they’d be interested in

When you socialise:

note what subjects interest you and which ones bore you.

  • Sunday supplements: what you end up reading are likely to be good topics.
  • Sex, drugs and rock and roll: read the tabloids and try and get an idea or to – to write about – not do.
  • Want to make money: business, technology and high value products are all worthwhile areas for you
  • All else fails: then write about the internet.

Generate post ideas

Mind Mapping: This time you need a large piece of paper.  Turn it so that it is landscape.  Write you category name in the centre.

Use lines to generate sub-categories and related topics.  Then break down the sub-categories further.  This should give you  a good number of potential post subjects.

Mind Map (wikipedia)

If you must be technical then here’s a link to free mind-mapping software.  I personally reckon a pad and a few coloured, fine line pens works best.

Category profile listing

List all the characteristics of the category.

Look up definitions of the category and the terms making up the characteristics of category.

Look up words at random and trip and link them with some of the terms.  This should then generate some post headings.

Start write

‘We were talking about kippers’ (smoked fish).  This was a writing technique taught to me by my father.  When going into an English exam and you know that you’re going to write a strange first line – you know you’re going to get a good grade.

So if you have a write on ‘My summer holiday’  or ‘My best day ever’ then starting with the line ‘We were talking about kippers…’   gives you a great advantage over the other kids who will mostly start – ‘My summer holiday was…’

Generate your own unusual phrases and see if that will link into a post.

Alternatively get an old book of famous saying – pick a saying at random and see if you can generate a post from the saying.

With some practice this will work.


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Over to You

Well do you think?  Any tricks for generating posts?  We all want to know.

About Kenneth Byrd

Kenneth Byrd has a B.S. in Accounting and Management Information Systems and he also has a MBA. He works full-time as a consultant. He enjoys sports, freelance writing and internet marketing. To learn more about Kenneth, follow him on Twitter @kbyrdjr.