In a recession more people will use the internet

Hmm should I start a blog?<h3 >Introduction <p >Well think about it. People are nervous. They’re careful with their money. They’re cutting back on entertainment. The old car, that’s not really that old,  will last a couple more years before we get a new one. Why go on an expensive holiday when you can have a picnic in the local park? <p >Nigel will not redecorate his appartment this year, as he does every second year; and so Henri, the genius, the ultimate home conception designer,  will not be able to afford new additions to his modern art collection. <p >Chantal’s gentleman friend will be less interested in expanding her tasteful, diamond collection. <p >Forget the expensive wedding darling – it’s a bucket shop flight, you, me and the Elvis impersonator at Vegas. <h3 >So, what will folks do? <p >They’ll stay at home more. <p >Some will watch TV’s repeats of repeats of repeated standard formats, don’t the criminals just occaisionally get away with it? They do around here. <p >Some will read more.  I hope so as I’m helping someone start up a blog about books. <p >Some will make love, safely, we hope, as swinging on chandeliers can be dangerous and expensive if needing repair. <p >Many, and that translates into millions and millions of people, will go to the internet or use the internet for longer.<p >They will use it to entertain, to learn, to network, to discuss, to research and to argue.  More importantly some, and then many, will want to read your excellent blog and mine.

Seven reasons to start your blog in a recession

  • People will use the internet more
  • People will use the internet more to get things cheaper
  • Business will become more aware of using the internet for marketing
  • Business will become more aware of using the internet for saving costs
  • A blog that survives the recession will be in a great position to exploit the upturn
  • Quite a few potential bloggers will be put off because of the recession – so the competition will be less
  • If you are looking for work, then a blog can demonstrate your initative, writing skills, computing skills, graphical design skills and business skills, but be careful, to some it could suggest you are a geek, with a fantastic looking girl friend, but unfortunately she’s someone’s avtar in Second Life.

Over to you

So what are you thoughts?  Is it a good time to start a blog or web business in a recession?

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