It’s Cold Outside Let’s Here the Keyboards Rattling

[toc] Go on get writing


The biggest problem with all bloggers, particularly me, is the application of the bottom to the chair and starting to write.

There’s no excuse the weather here in jolly old England is getting colder and wetter and more miserabl, (which gives we English a reason to talk to each other), but you are not going to go down to the pub to complain, until you have the one, the two or the five posts that  you were planning to write -are actually written, that is in the computer – not imagined written in your head.

So stop moaning –   Sit down and write

True on many occaisions I do apply bottom, but, (or should I be saying Butt), then find myself suddenly doing research on the net.  Which turns into developing a sudden interest in other people’s blogs, news, the latest scams in politics, the must-have gizmo or following up leads where I can find photos of ladies with interesting, but strange hobbies.

Two paragraphs down then I suddenly get this need to try and play, but only[pullshow] for five minutes, (the kind of five minutes that lasts from 9 at night until the early hours of the morning).  But, (there goes that word again), my scores are getting better, but my blogs really do need to put on weight.  (Doctor:  your blog is seriously underweight and is developing very slowly its age).

So ignore the happy sounds of a Christmassy hyper market, luring you in to spend your hard gotten cash, on glittering trivia for the festive season.

Sit down and write

Yes take a regular tea breaks.  (Americans can take coffee breaks and Australians can have their tinnies, while sitting by the pool).  But don’t switch the TV on for that 5 minute catchup, as those clever CSI chaps solve yet another crime with a piece of hair from a comb and then Horatio removes his glasses…).

You heard me – switch it off – er – Yes  – that remote control in your hand has an off button.  And yes you can have a biscuit, (but only when you’ve written at least 400 words).

Now Switch it off – and I mean now – or you’ll be sitting on the naughty step – that’s a good boy.

Now sit down and write

And I’ll be checking up on you.   No tidying your desk.  And while I agree the kitchen needs cleaning – it can stay dirty until you’ve finished your posts.

And the desktop doesn’t need a new set of pictures for the screen saver at exactly this moment in time.  Does it?

There’s a moral to this story.

It’s cold.  It’s miserable.  Avoid distractions.


Yes – get down to it – start writing now.

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