Setting up Jetpack


The WordPress Jetpack is a set of very useful utilities to enhance any WordPress installation. These include:

  • Stats, a very useful statistics package built into your WordPress Dashboard
  • ShareDaddy, which adds a share button to the bottom of posts, which allows visitors to print the post or send the post details to a number of social media sites
  • After the Deadline, which dramatically improves the WordPress spell checker and adds a grammar checker
  • Shortcode embeds, which sets up and configures video and media sources, such as YouTube, when you just add the video’s single line short code.

To configure Jetpack

Click on the Jetpack button   found at the top of  the left hand menu, just under the Dashboard section.

Jetpack configuration

Jetpack configuration

Click on the     Jetpack link

The main Jetpack configuration screen is displayed

Jetpack configuration

Jetpack configuration

You can then configure the various sections:

The WordPress Stats You can control which roles can have access to the statistics and you can select to display a bar chart showing the number of visitors.

ShareDaddy allows you to select which services you want to use including email, print and a selection of social media.

You can also change the look of the Share button and whether the share options are displayed on the current window or when clicked will it be displayed in a new window.

You can also add new social media options.

After the Deadline configuration takes you to the user profile where the plugin adds quite a few grammar actions, which the user can use when they press the proofread button on the Add Post or Add Page writing option.

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