Start a Blog That Matters

Start a Blog That Matters

Start a Blog That MattersWeb Guru Corbett Barr created a product to help guide bloggers through the blog building process. The vision behind his product is to drive thousands of people to your blog monthly. Corbett has seen many people waste time and effort on a blog that flops so he put together these tips that guarantee you to be successful.

His website offers a course that will provide assistance in building a successful blog. Corbett owns Insanely Useful Media and other useful guides involving the blogosphere.

This website offers a service, a product rather. This website offers assistance to anyone with an interest in blogging.  If you enjoy writing, have the time to blog, good at communicating, and organized? If so, this product may be of value to you. This website offers a 90 day instructional action plan that will help guide you through “starting a blog that matters”. You receive 13 lessons and contain a specific action plan that changes weekly. The lessons are filled with the knowledge your blog needs to succeed. It includes a combination of helpful information like videos, guides, check-lists, and tips.  The course will provide you with 8 hours of video and plenty of useful tips to guide with building a blog and helpful advice.

Some of the features this service offers include: 13 weekly lessons with step-by-step instructions that guide you through the whole blog process, over 8 hours of instructional video, helpful FAQ section, web hosting and useful tools offered at a discounted price, and not to mention an amazing money back guarantee.

The actions plans change every week and guide you slowly through the set-up process.

  • Week 1 – Helps you select the perfect topic for your blog
  • Week 2 – Instructs you create the perfect blog name/brand
  • Week 3 – Guides you through designing a blog that stands out
  • Week 4 – Helps implement social media into your blog
  • Week 5 – Develop a launch plan
  • Week 6 – Create remarkable content for your blog
  • Week 7 – Create the content for your launch
  • Week 8 – Launch time!
  • Week 9 – Making friends in the blogging world
  • Week 10 – Assists with building your audience
  • Week 11 – Implement webinars, podcasts, and YouTube to further expand your blog
  • Week 12 – Make money blogging
  • Week 13 – Develop a plan to take your blog even further

After reading reviews from people who have already taken the course, there is no doubt that this course is extremely helpful. One of the most current reviews-

“I’m currently going through the ‘How to Start a Blog that Matters’ course and you guys knocked it out of the park. It’s seriously the best investment of time and money I’ve made in years (and it wasn’t even that expensive given what you’re providing).”
-Erick Widman, Frayed Passport

If your blog is to help with business needs and goals or just something fun, this course will help create a great start point for your blog. Corbett guarantees 110% satisfaction with his product and proves this with a 60 day money back guarantee.

To sum it up, this course will change the way you blog forever.


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