Writers’ Block: Three techniques to generate ideas

magnifying effect

[toc] Introduction Reading comments, tweets, from Twitter;  or free article directories can easily spur ideas for excellent posts. Comments and discussions on other blogs. Read posts on blogs that are in, or close to your niche. Read the comments. Look at blogs in your niche or subjects that MORE +

Discuss Your Comments With Disqus

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Overview: The standard blogging systems have good, built in comment systems.  However many websites are now using the online comment system Disqus.  This article discusses the pros and cons of Disqus and explains why ‘Beginning to Blog’ uses the system. Let’s Go:  What is Disqus? Disqus is MORE +

Canny Comment to Content King


[toc] The Ever Expanding Comment Show Wow.  I've just turned an 85 word comment, (see below), on the very inspirational blog, Blog Tyrant, into a 1,700+ word post, Forums: Techncially very Helpful. Alternatively I could have easily turned the long into around five smaller posts. I will, however MORE +