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Writers’ Block: Three techniques to generate ideas

[toc] Introduction Reading comments, tweets, from Twitter;  or free article directories can easily spur ideas for excellent posts. Comments and discussions on other blogs. Read posts on blogs that are in, or close to your niche. Read the comments. Look at blogs in your niche or subjects that are  close to your niche. You will often find that the comments expand the topic or come up with unusual angles on the niche. MORE +

Blog Writing: Don’t Narrow Your Options

[toc] There are five types of new blogger: those who know what they want to write those that are writing to promote their business those that are writing to promote a cause or raise an issue. those that want to write a blog, but don’t know what to write and people like me  who like to write, but are unfocused. This article is the first in a series of five relating to the different types of new blogger.  It MORE +

Content Writing: Your Audience- the Internet Today

Introduction In 2010 it was estimated, by Netcraft, that there were 255 million websites in the world, each with its own domain name. This is quite a lot of text, images, videos and animations running around the wired world. Bear in mind though that each one of these sites is in its own way competing with the rest for users to read it content. It is also reckoned that there are around 6.8 billion users of the net, MORE +