WordPress Jetpack: Powerful Plug-in

WordPress Jetpack

WordPress Jetpack Plugin

Problem with Jetpack seems to have been resolved
There were quite a few people having problems with the plugin, myself included. In particular the Stats package stopped working and complained that it was not connected to

It now seems to have sorted itself out and I reckon the problem was that the system could not handle the huge rush of users. It now seems to be working OK.


WordPress have just released the extremely powerful JetPack plug-in.  This feature will add quite a few useful utilities that were only available as a complete package to blogs on the company’s free blogging platform,

It is clear that JetPack will be used by WordPress to add other features in the future in a similar way to aps on mobile phones.  There may be charges for some of these new added features in the future.

Features of Jetpack

  • Gravatar Hovercards: Find out who’s commenting on your posts with enhanced information for Gravatars (includes full name, bio, other web profiles).
  • Stats: Keep on top of your traffic with powerful and simple to understand statistics for your site.
  • Twitter Widget: Keep your readers more up to date by syncing your tweets to your site via a simple widget.
  • Shortcodes: Quickly add movies, images, and more to your posts and pages with a single line of code.
  • Shortlinks: Automatically creates an easy to copy/paste mini-url for any post on your site.
  • LaTeX: Use the famous markup language to quickly create beautiful mathematical expressions and equations.
  • Sharedaddy: Your readers can easily share your posts via email or their favorite social networks.
  • After the Deadline: Your writing will improve thanks to this artificial intelligence based spell, style, and grammar checker.

Installation of Jetpack

Installation of the package is relatively straightforward.  Once installed individual features need to be configured.

Login to the WordPress Dashboard

Click on the Plugin button


WordPress Plugin

Click  Add New

Type in the search term  jetpack and click  Search Plugins button

Click   Install Now

Confirm that you want to install the plugin by clicking the    OK button

Click   Activate Plugin

You will see a message displayed at the top of the Plugin page the above message  Your Jetpack is almost ready with a green button Connect to on the right.

Click the Connect to the button.

WordPress account signin page

WordPress account sign-in page

If you have a WordPress account sign-in.  You will need to   Authorize the connection to your blog and then you can go to the plugin’s configuration.

Getting a WordPress Account

or Click   Need an Account link on the right

Join WordPress

Join WordPress

Enter your details and then press the   Sign up button

WordPress Profile

WordPress Profile

You will be sent an email.  You will need to confirm on the link in the email to join

This is optional: You will asked to add your profile

If you do then press     Submit button.

Once your account has been validated it is generally easier to go back to the WordPress Dashboard and click the  green       Connect of WordPress

Connect to WordPress

WordPress is then Installed

Setting up Jetpack