Starting Blogging: Having a plan

Plane taking off

[toc] Introduction When starting a blog there are two main types of people. Those that just jump in and just write and those think a little, plan a little before setting up their blog. this article considers those that want to do a little planning.  There's another post for those that just want to jump in and start writing. Things to consider before starting to blog I advise anyone starting to blog to consider MORE +

Blog Zero: You can write or do it right

You can write or do it right: Part 1 You can write [toc] True confession I tend to be a writer than a do it righter.   Well I'm English so I tend to be a bit of compromiser.  I do a tiny bit planning, before I charge into setting up an instant blog, and then there's the sound of the  keyboard rattling,  only broken when I charge off to brew yet another cup of English Breakfast Tea, (which can be drunk any time of MORE +

Planning: Choosing your blog’s career path

Overview: Before you start to blog you need to sit down and plan. Ironically this is better done with a notepad and pen. What you need to do is somewhat quietly and think seriously what you want to achieve with your blog in the long term. Once your distant goals are  decided you can then plan your short term and medium goals.  What do you want to achieve in your first few weeks, first six months and first year . In MORE +

Basic Blogging: Focus on Giving Your Blog Focus

[toc] Overview: Internet surfers are strange creatures.  The flit from site to site because of recommendations or following the results of a Google search.  They land on a site – look around and in the space of a few seconds decide to either stay or go. What they need is to quickly understand the focus of your blog.  What is the blog about? What is the writing style?  Does the blog have interesting articles?  In short MORE +