Setting up a blog: WordPress settings

[toc] Overview You can just start using a standard WordPress installation as it is – but just by making a few changes to the settings, adding and amending the layout, (theme), and adding a number of enhancements, (plugins), you can greatly improve the professional MORE +

WordPress Jetpack: Powerful Plug-in

Problem with Jetpack seems to have been resolved There were quite a few people having problems with the plugin, myself included. In particular the Stats package stopped working and complained that it was not connected to WordPress.com. It now seems to have sorted itself out MORE +

Tutorial: How to install a WordPress widget


Overview A WordPress widget is a piece of standalone code that can be readily slotted into the sidebar or other position on a WordPress site.  Built into WordPress is a well designed widget management system that the non-technical user can easily use to enhance the look of their MORE +

Tutorial: Logging on to WordPress

Logging on to a blog

Logging on to WordPress Type in the blog name, followed by a forward slash and then type 'wp-admin'. So on this blog I would type in - blog basics.com/wp-admin The WordPress login form will be displayed. Enter your username and password. Remember Me Box DO: If the computer MORE +

Blogging: Sidebar and Widgets

Clicking into place

The sidebar, the column that runs, beside the content area of most blogs has become increasing useful to bloggers. In early blogs the sidebar will probably only contain a list of blog entries and a search box. Programmers quickly developed other features such as a display of MORE +