Tutorial: Installing WordPress using Fantastico

If you took my advice and your hosting company offers Fantastico then installing WordPress is extremely easy. Just follow these instructions.

1 – Login to cPanel

On most websites you would type in the domain name, followed by a forward slash which is followed by the word cpanel.  So on this site you would type — blogbasics.com/cpanel.

cPanel login

A blog's cPanel Login Form

You would enter the domain’s username and password.

Click ‘Log In’ button and a screen similar to the one below will be displayed.


Part of Cpanel screen


2 – Select Fantastico

Scroll down the screen  until you find section which contains Fantastico button. This is usually found in this section marked software.

Click the Fantastico button.

cpanel-fantastico button

Cpanel Fantastico Button

3 – Select WordPress

Fantastico software available

Some of the Fantastico software available

On the left-hand side of the Fantastico screen click on the WordPress to start the installation process.

4 – Install WordPress

Fantastico: New Installation for WordPress

Fantastico: New Installation of WordPress for your blog

Press ‘New Installation’.  The form below will be displayed.

Fantastico Install WordPress Form

Fantastico Install WordPress Form

This is reasonably straightforward to fill in.

Install in domain — should always include your domain.

Install in directory — if the only thing on the website will be the blog then leave blank. If, however, we plan to run other things on the site then I suggest you place the blog in its own directory, (being unoriginal I usually need this directory ‘blog’).

Admin access data — enter a username and password that you will remember. These you will use to log into the blog. It will probably be wise to write these down and store them somewhere very safe.

Admin nickname — this will be the name that will be displayed as the author of any posts that you make in the blog.

Admin e-mail — this is the e-mail linked to the blog. Make sure it is valid as this is the one that is used if you’ve forgotten your password.

Site name — name of the blog.

Description — really this is the tagline for the blog.

When you have finished filling in the form you can press the single ‘Install WordPress’ button.  The message below will be displayed.

WordPress Installed

Fanatastico WordPress Installed message

Press the ‘Finish installation’.

You will then get a confirmation message giving your username and password. All you need to do now is press the ‘Back to WordPress overview’.

Logging on to WordPress

You now need to log on to WordPress so that you can add a theme, change the layout or write a post. Tutorial: How to log on to WordPress.

Coming soon

I will be writing a number of tutorials the use of WordPress in the coming week. These will include had to write a post, how to install a plug-in, how to setup a widget, how to install a theme, how to set up a contact form and much more.

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