Tutorial: Logging on to WordPress

Logging on to a blog

Logging on to my WordPress blog

Logging on to WordPress

Type in the blog name, followed by a forward slash and then type ‘wp-admin’. So on this blog I would type in – blog basics.com/wp-admin

The WordPress login form will be displayed.

WordPress login screen

Your blog's WordPress login screen

Enter your username and password.

Remember Me Box

DO: If the computer you’re working on is safe then click ‘Remember Me’.  You will then be automatically logged in whenever you are using this computer.

DON’T: If lots of people have access to the computer don’t tick this box as anyone could login to your blog and could write posts, delete posts, change the user permissions and lock you out, play around with the layout and do lots of other damage. .

Click the ‘Log In’ and you should be in WordPress and see a screen similar to the one below.  You can then add and edit posts and pages, change the layout, add new plug-ins or change the theme.

WordPress dashboard

Blogbasic's WordPress dashboard

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Coming soon tutorials on writing a post, writing a page, working with the widgets, working with plug-ins, developing a contact page, changing the theme and much, much more.

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