What Is a Blog?

what is a blogIntroduction

So you’ve heard the term “blog” and you want to know what blogs are all about. Well you’ve come to the right place. In this series of articles we will take you from asking what a blog is to having all the knowledge you need to start a blog of your own.

Over the months and years you will be able to share your thoughts with hundreds or thousands of readers, promote yourself, your business or your cause and you may even earn a full time living from your blog.

So What Is a Blog?

Let’s begin with some definitions. A bit dry, we realize, but this is a necessary evil. First we’ll define the word this whole site is based around – blog.

A blog is a frequently updated online personal journal or diary. It is a place to express yourself to the world. A place to share your thoughts and your passions. Really, it’s anything you want it to be. For our purposes we’ll say that a blog is your own website that you are going to update on an ongoing basis. Blog is a short form for the word weblog and the two words are used interchangeably.

Here are a couple of other definitions:

“…the first journalistic model that actually harnesses rather than merely exploits the true democratic nature of the web. It’s a new medium finally finding a unique voice.”–Andrew Sullivan

“[a] collection of posts…short, informal, sometimes controversial, and sometimes deeply personal…with the freshest information at the top.”–Meg Hourihan


As so often happens in the English language, many derivatives of the word blog have been created. One who participates in the activities of maintaining a blog is known as a blogger and the activity of keeping a blog is known as blogging. So we could say that the blogger blogs in his blog, but that might cause your English teacher to weep. We are going to use these terms with alarming frequency, so make sure you understand what they mean before you go on.

Blog (noun) – a journal or diary that is on the Internet.

Blogger (noun) – a person who keeps a blog – Bloggers are revolutionizing the way news is shared.

Blog (verb) – to write a blog – I am going to blog before breakfast this morning.

Blogging (verb) – the action of writing a blog – Blogging is my way of sharing my passions with the world.

Originally blogs were known primarily as places for people to write about their day-to-day activities. Their mundane, everyday tasks became fodder for journal entries. Somehow these writers gained a following and the hobby of blogging was born. Today people write about far more interesting topics, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Who Blogs?

So who are these fearless people who would be willing to post about their lives in as public a forum as the Internet? They are people just like you. Once the haven of technical know-it-alls, blogging has suddenly caught-on as a legitimate hobby and has entered the mainstream. Every day millions of people, some of whom have no technical ability whatsoever, write on their blogs.

To meet this demand some amazing tools have been created that will allow anyone, even people with very little knowledge of computers, to have their own blog. If you can find your way onto the Internet and follow some basic instructions you can have your own blog. It’s just that easy.

Why Do People Blog?

So you may be asking why anyone would want to have their own blog. We believe the answer lies in the fact that every human has a voice and wishes their voice to be heard. The Internet is a medium that is unparalleled in its reach. Never before have average people like you or me been able to reach a global audience with so little trouble. Bloggers have the opportunity of reaching hundreds or even thousands of people each and every day.

There are still many people who like to share the details of their days. They may post twenty or thirty times a day, detailing when they ate lunch and when they headed home from work. On the other hand there are bloggers who give almost no detail about their lives, but write instead about a hobby or interest of theirs. They may dedicate their blog to something they are passionate about.

In fact, today’s blogs can provide hair tips, up-to-date news, technical information, celebrity scandal, political rumor, gets people involved in volunteering, advice on investments as well as there being blogs on cooking, health, gardening, sport, blogging blogs (this blog) and of course many personal blogs and quite a few strange blogs.

Additional Blog Topics

Over to You

What are your favorite blogs? Are you already blogging? Thinking of blogging? What will you blog about? Do you have any concerns about blogging?

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  1. Ihall2057 says

    I am doing a course with YNH services Inc -Linking the community.. I am doing CHCORG428A “Reflect on and improve own professional practice” on line..E-portfolio

    • Natasha says

      I need to know how to start with a blog. I do not want anyone to know my name or who is blogging. How do you do this? Thank you

      • says

        if you want to be blogger first you have to creat your blog and you can easyly create your own blog with wordpress.
        follow these steps:-
        ->download a wordpress software from http//:www.wordpress.org.
        ->instal it on your local machine(but you need localhost)
        ->after instaling wordpess you can make your own blog on your localmachine and host it,

        while making blog on your local machine you can setup your nick name or if u want you can hide your name.

        good luck natasha……

  2. Lionel says

    I’m new in web design and i want to create an HTML webpage, that would be used as a page where i would blog a subject, then people can comment about it. I need the HTML code or guide to this effect. Please can somebody help me asap????

  3. Smith Bill says

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  4. says

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  5. Sera says

    Wow if there ever was a definition for what “blogging” is, I hit the jackpot in an answer! Thank you VERY much,


  6. myrtle mills says

    I do not have a website, I have heard the term don’t know where to turn and came across your article. Very informative. Thank you

  7. Steve says

    Good instructions and advice here. Tempts me as I am curious as to what thoughts and ideas folk are happy to share and what slant of interests to find. Thank you.

  8. Glenyss says

    My English professor suggested blogging was a good way to get comfortable with writing. Two semesters later, I’m ready to dip my toe in the water; possibly make a big splash, who knows?

  9. Ken McDonald says

    Why is it necessary to ‘subscribe’ to a blog, if this is real communication, why can we not just ‘comment’. The ridiculous comments, or comments with a specific leaning, will eventually drift into nothing because of their lack of substance, but if we are talking real communication here, then we do at least need to allow these comments to be appraised by the blogging community. I find a lot of these ‘blogs’ interesting, but I do not want to ‘subscribe’ I just want to ‘comment’.

  10. Marlene says

    I’ve heard about blogging and bloggers, now I will try to post a blog for my homework assignment. Thank you.

  11. Terry says

    Have worked at a newspaper for over 25 years..that is closing…mostly due to the Internet. I have always had a passion for writing (not newsroom employed) and myself and some of the newsroom employees have discussed getting our voices heard etc, Could you please let me know how to start one. Does it cost anything?

  12. Terry says

    One more question..is blogging just for writing? I do take Photos and would like to post them to the site if possible. Thank you

    • Kenneth Byrd says

      Terry – Many photographers have “photo” blogs or portfolio sites, so you can absolutely do that.

  13. Nawoton says

    I really desire to create and own a blog. some questions to be answered
    how is a blog created?
    how will it be used
    what merits and demerits
    any other additional information

  14. Manik Lal Saha says

    Manik Lal Saha
    It is really a good platform to communicate any ones feelings, comments or suggestion on a particular tings. Through these sort of writing I can understand some ones feelings or to learn some thing good and can take it as guide lines if deem fit. In other hand one can just update himself or may correct some ones feelings or way of working. Besides all these we can also improve our writing ability and can learn huge from some ones writing.

    • Kenneth Byrd says

      Wendy – This website is a blog. You access blogs in the same way that you access other websites, usually by typing in a web address or clicking on a link that takes you to the blog.

  15. Polly says

    Thanks for this article. I’ve just started blogging about my breast reduction and am really enjoying it!

    • Kenneth says

      Awesome Polly. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Let me know if you need any help with your blog.

  16. Freddie says

    Nice insights on the subject of blogging. How do you get bigger pictures on your blog? Is this a free blog that you are using?

  17. says

    Hello Kenneth, thanks for your this great post and with the best definitions of Blogging. Seriously, there a lot’s of bloggers who does not the real meaning of Blogging. I want to start my jounrey as a Blogger and that’s why before start i wanted to know definitions of Blogging. Finally i learn from your this article.

    Happy Blogging. Have a Good week

  18. Billie Linder says

    Can you a blog for limited readers Like targeting a specificgroup? Is that open to anyone, or a password required to enter?

  19. says

    I absolutely love to blog. I am always learning new methods to game traffic if you can share any tips I would really appreciate it.

  20. Deeh Jay says

    I am also a novice trying to explore the world of blogging. At the moment I work as an insurance rep. I want to learn writing short articles and designing websites. Can blogging help me advance these hobbies and my career?

  21. says

    Nice write-up. I blog about escaping the 9-5 and hope to develop my blog into a place for other people to learn how they can escape the rat race too. As Kenneth says, a blog can be anything you want it to be.

  22. Marion says

    I am completely new to all these types of communications. Technology has long overtaken me! There’s facebook, twitter, instagram and a couple more in a similar mode.
    What is the difference between all of these programs? Would I have to “join” all of them to promote myself or my business? I find myself jobless and want to set up a website or something similar or cheaper to promote my hobby which I would like to turn into a business. Any suggestions?

  23. Parvez A Shaikh says

    I’m new to blog
    well want to share my thoughts,… how do i start…..i just read your messages…
    appreciate your assistance

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