Why You Should Consider Guest Posting In Your Blogging Plan

Collect guest posts

Collect guest posts


One of the challenges faced by bloggers is updating their blog frequently. Most people do not have time for this, but it is what readers want. Visitors love a website that always has new information for them. One of the best ways to keep a consistent posting pace is by allowing guest posts.


Not only are there benefits by allowing guest posts on your site (you have more content as mentioned above) but guest posting can also be very rewarding when you’re guest posting on other people’s websites as well. Not only is it useful when building links to your site, it also helps bring in traffic to your site by exposing your information and brand to others that may not
be familiar with it.

As a guest on another site, you have to ensure that your article is interesting, relevant and captivating to the blog’s audience. Ideally, as the users read your article, they will want to read more and check out your own content using the links you have provided that lead to your page.

There are several advantages that may convince you to consider guest posting as a marketing strategy for your site:

Search engine ranking

Guest posting is a great way to get links, and is consequently a great way to improve your search ranking. As much of SEO is about building backlinks, by getting more links to your site you’re increasing the likelihood that your site ranks for a wide variety of terms that are related to your site.

Increased revenue

Since guest blogging increases your inbound traffic, you are able to charge advertisers more for ads.  A site that gets 10,000 visits per day will make more money through ads than a site that gets 100 visits per day. Guest posting on other people’s sites increases your reach and if you can convince those visitors to visit your site it could also make you more money as well.

Quality of content

Writing guest posts requires you to bring your ‘A’ game. It’s exciting to be able to reach out to a new audience and potentially get some new readers. The same applies when you allow guests to post on your site. They bring in different styles of writing with varied high quality content. This is in turn brings in more traffic as readers will want to read and discuss all the interesting content on your site.

Future marketing opportunity.

Searching for and allowing guest posts on your site forces you to network with other bloggers.

This can only lead to good things. As your network grows so does your reach, which can open you up to all sorts of opportunities which can positively impact your blog.

About The Author:  Samson Mausz is a blogger for an SEO agency, but when he’s not blogging for them, he can be found hiking the hiking trails of the great southwest!

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    Because there’s a lot of opportunities available in guest posting. Not that I’m pertaining to money, but exposure. Once advertisers knew that you’re a great guest poster and is famous under a certain niche, it’s possible that they can hire you permanently and you’ll earn through blogging.

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