Characteristics of a Blog


  1. I really appreciate the information you have given. I want to start a blog on different topics that I wish to let people know how I feel and what I think concerning these subjects and then have them discuss their opinions about the same issue(s).

    • When I do is I I’m a to visit ur blog and check it out please .

  2. thanks for the good introduction. I have a couple of questions… I run a small charity – should I set up a blog in the charity’s ‘name’ or in my name (in which case I will focus my blogs on the charity issues)? also i’m a bit confused about the difference between a blog and a website. some of the eg’s you gave seem a lot like a website. would my charity need both?

    • I would recommend setting up the blog in the name of the charity. All blogs are websites, but not all websites have a blog. For example, e-commerce stores have a website and many don’t have a blog that is updated with articles periodically.

  3. I Want to start blogging. How do I get started? Are there costs involved?

    Thanks for the info

  4. I am strongly considering blogging since I was forced to become on bed rest. I have so many struggles and things that I have overcame. I feel like I could encourage others. But I don’t quite know where to start. Or even how.

    • Hello Sabrina ./What do you mean by ” since I was forced to become on bed rest.”
      write to me on facebook (Essa ada ) or skype (kitab. maftuh)

      • I decided to google blogging again and found myself on this same site looking at the comments and realized, I wrote a comment in November lol. Essa I cannot find you on facebook.

  5. Hi, I am really interested in starting a Blog, Could you please let me know how to and costs involved. Hoping for a favourable reply. Thank you.

    • You can actually start a blog for free. However, I suggest that you purchase a domain name and hosting account to get started. If you’re serious about blogging and building a sustainable business, then it’s important to make these decisions early in the process.

  6. If I create a blog to do with ideas, or a certain subject, can I make money by doing ads on the site? How does one make money from keeping a blog active to do with a subject area, not a physical product?

    • Yes, you can. Although to make significant money from ads, it requires a good bit of traffic in most cases. Also, you can offer a variety of affiliate products or offer consulting services. You could also create your own (intangible) products if you like.

  7. Hi, I want to start a blog mainly because of a college project. Does the blog must be on a certain topic or I can just share my random day to day thoughts in it

  8. Good stuff. I’m impressed. I would like to start an online business as soon as possible. I’m totally new to blogging so I’m going to need all the help I can get. Thanks

  9. I am not clear about blogs.
    I’ve been reading magazines and papers, people say they write blogs about many things and they even write stories there.

    When I checked places for blogs, they say its a personal diary. Even the article written by you states that. So is it fine to write stories?
    If yes, then what type? I mean short or a full fledged story. Is there any particular genre one has to consider?

  10. Hi there,
    I’m thinking of leaving my job of 10 years and staying home with my 3 kiddos. But I would also like to still make some sort of income. I keep coming across blogging as a form of income for many people. But I am failing to understand how bloggers make money?……who pays me for my thoughts? Haha any insight would be great!


    • Hey Toni did you get any answers to your question? I am thinking of doing the same thing as well but I am considering leaving my job after 20 years

  11. You nailed it saying that a blog is really about communication – I think that this is the premise of a blog actually!

    Whilst you are writing informative content about your cause it’s also important to consider some other factors to your blog posting.

    Of course, everyone throws around write ‘Quality Content’, ‘… You must create Quality Content!” – it’s a bit vague, so i’ve reduced it in a really informative post for you all, plus much more on Together We Can 🙂

    We try and help encourage social cause and innovation blogging, if you are interested then please have a look at our campaigners. Keep at it Blog Basics 😀

  12. I just started a blog and I seriously need to make it one the best in my country. Please i need your assistance

    • What’s the topic of your blog? Also, I’d recommend that you sign-up for the my free email course.

  13. Since yesterday I have learned a great deal of new things about blogging. Today ‘what is in a name’ has left an in-erasable mark in my mind. We done Kenneth!

  14. We’ve started an e-commerce indoor and outdoor furniture business. I would love to learn how to write successful blogs to help generate people to our site. Would appreciate helpful information.


  15. I’m interested in blogging in Spanish. I think there is great information written in English that does not get to the Hispanic world.

  16. I really interested in blogging and i want you to put me through. am very grateful for the info.

  17. Hello,my master is about blogs and I really need resources help me collect data and information about educational blogs and how to use them to improve students’ critical reading skills. Could you help me, please.

  18. thanks I appreciate .

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