What Is a Blog?


  1. Good luck with your blogging! and thanks for link to our gardening blog Tejvan

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  3. Excellent website very informative will be following Blog Basics.

    • I need to know how to start with a blog. I do not want anyone to know my name or who is blogging. How do you do this? Thank you

      • if you want to be blogger first you have to creat your blog and you can easyly create your own blog with wordpress.
        follow these steps:-
        ->download a wordpress software from http//:www.wordpress.org.
        ->instal it on your local machine(but you need localhost)
        ->after instaling wordpess you can make your own blog on your localmachine and host it,

        while making blog on your local machine you can setup your nick name or if u want you can hide your name.

        good luck natasha……

        • I do not understand the “install it on your local machine:(local host). What do we do to get that?


          • Its for offline work….you can keep on working and when you are done….you can post …and the content will go online on your blog

          • the localhost means local server which in this case is the wamp server.Try and download it and and install it.

          • Great article, bluehost is great, I started my blog on their server (Alkhalife.info)

        • I will like to start blogging and i don’t know how

    • great help! thanks

  4. A great help in answering some of my many questions – Blogging sounds exciting!

  5. I’m new in web design and i want to create an HTML webpage, that would be used as a page where i would blog a subject, then people can comment about it. I need the HTML code or guide to this effect. Please can somebody help me asap????

  6. Thank u for makin me as a blogger.. it’s really nic..

  7. Decent intro to WE-blog. All must read.

  8. Its really nice. Thank you

  9. Thank you for the informations.They sounds very exciting.

  10. A blog is your own small website whee you can post anything you like about your life, and other people can review and subscribe to it. You can post pictures videos and just writing. You can personalise it how you like . Here are some sites to get you started Blogger, WordPress.

  11. Got your link threw another blog This a worthwhile blog,it is simple,and very informative,something we as bloggers look for good use full content ,Thank you I am currently learning linking,slugs,anchor text know how and any info on these areas will help.

  12. I’m new to blogging. This site is very helpful.


  13. Wow if there ever was a definition for what “blogging” is, I hit the jackpot in an answer! Thank you VERY much,


  14. I do not have a website, I have heard the term don’t know where to turn and came across your article. Very informative. Thank you

  15. Good instructions and advice here. Tempts me as I am curious as to what thoughts and ideas folk are happy to share and what slant of interests to find. Thank you.

  16. Thanks for the info, it really helped me….

  17. I can’t wait to be a blogger!

  18. My English professor suggested blogging was a good way to get comfortable with writing. Two semesters later, I’m ready to dip my toe in the water; possibly make a big splash, who knows?

  19. Why is it necessary to ‘subscribe’ to a blog, if this is real communication, why can we not just ‘comment’. The ridiculous comments, or comments with a specific leaning, will eventually drift into nothing because of their lack of substance, but if we are talking real communication here, then we do at least need to allow these comments to be appraised by the blogging community. I find a lot of these ‘blogs’ interesting, but I do not want to ‘subscribe’ I just want to ‘comment’.

    • Ken, You have gotten a few things wrong in your comment. I would simply like to point them out so you ans others will have a clearer picture of what blogging is and what its not. First- Subscribing to a blog… any blog… is not required. Some News Organizations, and a few others tell you to ‘Register; before commenting. But regular Blogs do not. In some cases a blogger will provide a link to subscribe, right along side a link for donations,
      As for your prediction that the Crazy. the Angry, and the half-wit will simply fade into the back-ground… and we wont have to put up with their ******** comments Well; I’m sure we all agree that has not happened… and history has shown us such people will always be around. Best way to deal with them is to ignore their antics.
      The last thing I’d like to say is that Blogging is — Well- Writing. As in Journalism, love stories, science fiction & fantasy, Journals, How-To’s, and Scathing Expose`. Its all writing, and all Worth Reading.

  20. I’ve heard about blogging and bloggers, now I will try to post a blog for my homework assignment. Thank you.

  21. Information provided is very useful particularly for begginers and computer rookies Regards

  22. Thanks for the information, I learnt a lot.

  23. Have worked at a newspaper for over 25 years..that is closing…mostly due to the Internet. I have always had a passion for writing (not newsroom employed) and myself and some of the newsroom employees have discussed getting our voices heard etc, Could you please let me know how to start one. Does it cost anything?

  24. One more question..is blogging just for writing? I do take Photos and would like to post them to the site if possible. Thank you

    • Terry – Many photographers have “photo” blogs or portfolio sites, so you can absolutely do that.

      • sure i can’

  25. I was planning to write a blog but little confused, you have inspired me. Thanks a lot

  26. I really desire to create and own a blog. some questions to be answered
    how is a blog created?
    how will it be used
    what merits and demerits
    any other additional information

  27. Manik Lal Saha
    It is really a good platform to communicate any ones feelings, comments or suggestion on a particular tings. Through these sort of writing I can understand some ones feelings or to learn some thing good and can take it as guide lines if deem fit. In other hand one can just update himself or may correct some ones feelings or way of working. Besides all these we can also improve our writing ability and can learn huge from some ones writing.

  28. very good informative content for blog…..

  29. How do you find…access a blog. I have never seen one.
    I am NOT a computer person.

    • Wendy – This website is a blog. You access blogs in the same way that you access other websites, usually by typing in a web address or clicking on a link that takes you to the blog.

  30. thank you. its easy !!!!

  31. Hi there,
    I do not know much about blog. But I hear we can earn through blog. But how? Thanks

  32. Thanks for this article. I’ve just started blogging about my breast reduction and am really enjoying it!

    • Awesome Polly. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Let me know if you need any help with your blog.

      • I now know what is a blog and everything about it…cant wait to have my own blog where i will express my feelings and showcase my skills but its all thanks to you.

  33. Nice insights on the subject of blogging. How do you get bigger pictures on your blog? Is this a free blog that you are using?

  34. Hello Kenneth, thanks for your this great post and with the best definitions of Blogging. Seriously, there a lot’s of bloggers who does not the real meaning of Blogging. I want to start my jounrey as a Blogger and that’s why before start i wanted to know definitions of Blogging. Finally i learn from your this article.

    Happy Blogging. Have a Good week

  35. Hello, I would like to start a blog, can you give me a safe website to get started please

  36. I would like to create one based on counselling, any tips please

  37. Being a blogger,does it really means owning a site??

  38. Please can you help me to know the advantages and disadvantages of a blog?

  39. thanks!! for the information.
    really enjoyed your article.

  40. Can you a blog for limited readers Like targeting a specificgroup? Is that open to anyone, or a password required to enter?

  41. Nice, Informative things i have learnt from this point, thanks

  42. very nice, informative blog, now i am going to become a blogger

  43. I absolutely love to blog. I am always learning new methods to game traffic if you can share any tips I would really appreciate it.

  44. How do you make money on blogs ?

  45. I am also a novice trying to explore the world of blogging. At the moment I work as an insurance rep. I want to learn writing short articles and designing websites. Can blogging help me advance these hobbies and my career?

  46. Nice write-up. I blog about escaping the 9-5 and hope to develop my blog into a place for other people to learn how they can escape the rat race too. As Kenneth says, a blog can be anything you want it to be.

  47. I am completely new to all these types of communications. Technology has long overtaken me! There’s facebook, twitter, instagram and a couple more in a similar mode.
    What is the difference between all of these programs? Would I have to “join” all of them to promote myself or my business? I find myself jobless and want to set up a website or something similar or cheaper to promote my hobby which I would like to turn into a business. Any suggestions?

  48. I’m new to blog
    well want to share my thoughts,… how do i start…..i just read your messages…
    appreciate your assistance

  49. Great, i got much more than that i was searching for, about blogs.

  50. Kenneth,
    I just stumbled upon your blog.
    I started blogging and I find this article to be very helpful.
    Thanks for everything you do Ken.

  51. How do write a Bog on paper?

    • Thanks for yhe info, I so much appreciate it. O think now i have got a clue, I can’t wait to start blogging!

  52. how do write Bogs on paper?

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  54. nice info given by you people but sorry i have not clicked the advertisement site

  55. I also want to share my knowledge about blogging here
    First of all i wanna tell all people here that blogging is fun if you do it smartly and on the financial side you can also earn some good amount of money from it
    It all depends on how you write your blog and after that how you advirtise your own blog
    i’ve seen many people who hesitates when it comes to letting people know about there blog

    • How do you suggest letting people know about your blog ? I’m interested in starting one on a specific life subject so does the subject matter determine that or is it all generalized ?

      • If you’re on social media – communicate to your social media network (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Tell family and friends. Then email other bloggers within your niche to begin making friends/contacts in the blogging world.

  56. plz help me ; how to create a online selling website .

  57. I think you need more explanation, especially about what we might need…local host et al

  58. i want learn how to blog. Can i start with a cell phone since i have no pc?

    • If you start a blog w/advertisers and it does not go well, how do you dis-continue the blig and the advertising and your monthly payments?

  59. The information provided here is very useful. can a blog be a place where topics are posted and others can contribute by posting problems and others giving suggestions to these problems.

    or the information provided must only come from the owner of the blog.

  60. Nice article on blogs.
    But doesn’t tell the difference between a website and a blog.

  61. can someone plz help? I need a blog and I don’t know anything about it.

  62. how can i put my plug in or comment web form to my blog page?
    which domain main drive the maximum traffic doing so?

    • If you’re using WordPress, then you can search for a contact form plugin. I use a plugin called Simple Basic Contact Form, however I have used many others in the past. It really just depends on your requirements.

  63. trying to understand it dont really get it want to try it . it sounds neat but i dont even know how to set it up.or what to do.

      • Ken. I’m of course new to this also Is this your blog meaning you wrote the initial content and used word press to formatt it and lay it out etc My big question is I’m assuming a successful blog that keeps people’s attention is one where the creator of the blog routinely injects his comments and info as it appears you are Is this literally how one Woukd use a blog to help sell a book by sply injecting a website to order it from to each person blogging thst COUKD benefit ? Lastly do you as the creator get some kind of notice when peopje blog or do yiu get notice when someone specifically replies to YIUR blogged comment as I am now ? Thanks. I

        • WordPress, which is the platform that I use to blog, allows me to configure when I want to be notified following comments, etc. However, using your blog to launch a book is a good idea. You’ll want to build an audience on your blog of readers that are interested in the topic of your book. I would recommend starting an email list, so you can capture the names and email addresses of the people who are interested in your book. Once the book is released, you simply email them to let them know it’s available. You’ll also email this group as new articles are posted on your blog.

          • Great info on blogging, I love gardening and do it as a hobby, I think am now ready to set up my blog

  64. and what do u mean website?

    • On a website the content is general static and communication is mostly one-sided.

  65. any payment for subscription? anyway the article is so helpful…

    • Subscriptions to Blog Basics updates are completely free.

  66. Thanks for helping me.

  67. Hi,
    This is Shakeel and I am new in blogging. Need a tips regarding blog

    • I would start by reading the info and the comments

  68. I am new in blogging. Need a tips regarding blog…plz help me

    • Ritu – What specifically do you need help with?

  69. I am also interested in blogging. But I’m very confused about one thing, there are so many blogs on the web even with the same topic or niche. Is it possible to compete with all those blogs by a amature or a fresher ???
    Please help me out. If there is no reader to be a blogger will always remain as a dream or a nightmare.

    • Yes, you can complete, just introduce your perspective. No one has heard your perspective and there is always room for fresh, new ideas or thoughts.

  70. I am very intrigued by the idea of blogging – and my dear sister-in-law told me I should start one! Hmmm – but I really wonder how much of a commitment it’d turn out to be; would I have to be blogging every day, end up having to respond to (any) responders – when I don’t even look at my emails half the time! I’ve often fancied charting the chats I have with my BF – which cover all manner of subjects, but are also hilarious takes on (our) life-as-we-live-it sort of thing… (Oh dear, this is what I’m worried about – it might not be of interest to another single soul. Not anyone!)
    BUT, on the other hand if they DID – someone might pinch all our funny & original warblings, and use them for their OWN ends! What about ‘ownership’ – how would I protect my ‘material’? Kevin Byrd, are you there?

    • The neat thing about owning a blog is that you are allowed to create the rules, since it’s your blog. I definitely don’t recommend blogging every day, however it is a good idea to respond to comments as time permits. Note that when you blog, you automatically own the copyright for the material that you create, unless you give-up that right. However, it’s possible that others may steal your content, but that’s only likely if you become popular and it’s generally pretty easy to catch. If you’re completely new, you don’t have to worry about protecting your content, because no one knows who are.

  71. Oops – I got the name wrong, it’s KENNETH Byrd, not Kevin!

  72. I’m anxious to hear the answer to your question also. I want to write a book and understand a good blog following first is a good thing I imagine however in order to keep interest a creator Woukd have to leak info etc and I can see where if someone has unusual insight or info that others may copy it. Yet after owning a business where I had a very legitimate concern employees Woukd steal info and concepts and having made all sign non compete and non disclosure forms I have concluded the threat vs time effort etc isn’t real. My guess is the world is far bigger then you or I imagine it and people do copy people at times yet they say that is the greatest form of flattery. My guess is no one would take anything said and go and somehow become you or in my case write a book because they read some unique insight I may post. But I would like to see what Ken has to say

    • Others stealing content is also a risk, however it’s pretty rare for new bloggers because you’re relatively unknown. Once you become reasonably popular or have a pretty successful blog, then the potential increases. In most cases, it’s pretty easy to catch and correct. In the past, I simply emailed the blogger asking them to remove my content, that generally works pretty well. On a couple of rare occasions, I’d have to contact their hosting company to get the content remove, but it’s always been removed. So, again, unless you’re a popular blogger already, I wouldn’t worry too much about that right now.

  73. Learning blogging in very simple explanations is very interesting. Personally I searched this website wanting to know, what is blogging?, how do I start blogging? I am getting enlightened.! Thanks guys.

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  77. if anybody start blog and created a page and share knowledgeable ideas. than there is any get anything like money.
    I mean, can I earn money over here .
    if I can so plz tall me how and how much

  78. How can i share news from other website to my blog and share them to another website or page

  79. hey i understand what you said but still i have no clue on how on how to start the blog …

  80. I need to know the date when you posted this article. I’m gonna use your definition in my study.

    • I believe you need to get the authors permission first to “quote” from his blog page. You also have to properly give him credit for the quote. Just say’in

  81. I’ve seen a few sites about blogging but yours is the most informative I’ve come across so far. Thank you for providing such a neat service.

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  83. What type of contain should i write for my blog??????..

  84. What type of contain should i wrte for my blog??
    pls give me any suggestion…

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  87. Thanks for this information on blogging please send me lessons on building a profitable blog.

  88. Can anyone drop me a link to start a blog?
    -Thank you!!

    • kindly try blogspot.com

  89. Thanks for providing so much useful information.It helped me a lot.

  90. please inform me about blog privacy policy

  91. please inform about blog privacy policy.

  92. I have learned that sources of income for many bloggers from blogging and they make huge money. How can i also do that?. I need advice .

  93. Sir i have created my blog befor 1 weekncan you please tell me how to get good traffic?

  94. Thanks for your ideas. I can now use this as opportunity to create website for schools I am affiliated with

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  97. Does it cost me to start a blog?

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  99. You guys did a great job explaining what it is. Your terminology section was spot on as well. Thank You!

  100. What do you guys think of wix.com? I’ve been making a website that I haven’t published yet and I want to use it for photography and I love how cool it is to use so far but do you think it’s good to use or is there something better that i should use?

    • Hi Maddy, Wix isn’t the worst choice because it’s very easy to use. However, if you’re looking for reliability long term for your website, you’re better off going with WordPress. Their features, capability, and ease of use is second to none.

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  102. Hello everyone, this blog site is very informative and helpful. please can can someone educate me on how to start my own blog?

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    • It is very good information about blog. Thanks

  105. Please, I am very interested in becoming a blogger. Want to use it extensively even to generate traffic and revenue. How do I get started?

  106. Please i need to know if there is any financial benefits or rewards while blogging or been a blogger

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  108. Excellent blog! Do you have any hints for aspiring writers?

    I’m hoping to start my own site soon but I’m a little lost on everything.
    Would you recommend starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for
    a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m
    completely confused .. Any tips? Appreciate it!

    • I would recommend going with WordPress and paying a couple bucks per month for hosting. It will be much more worth it in the long run, I promise 🙂

  109. Thanks for accurately explaining what a blog is and also giving a comprehensive tutorial on blogging, it is definitely a well calculated post.

  110. I’m using mostly my mobile phone for most all internet activities. What i would like to know is: Can i do all of these activities from and on my mobile phone? I have a windows phone Nokia Lumia 720 upgrade to WP 8.1. This mini computer is capable of a lot. I also would like to know about money making opportunities using the blog. Wants to start my own blog.

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